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Monday, February 13, 2006


WHIP It Good

I suspect that the Cardinals don't really quake in their cleats at the thought of facing any major league pitcher. They are professionals and professionals go to bat against whoever. However, there are probably a few pitchers around the league that the Birds hold a healthy respect for and prefer not to face them in a close race for the division lead. Here are the five NL starters with the best WHIP against the Cards. I listed Vazquez, who is now in the AL. Pettitte was sixth on the list, so I listed him to make the list the top five starters that will still be in the NL this season. Sheets got 3 starts versus the Cards and lost all of them. His ERA against the Redbirds was still 2.84. Just a little tidbit for you this morning as your thoughts turn to pitchers and catchers reporting on Thursday. Javier Vazquez - 0.33 WHIP (1 GS, 9 IP)* Gavin Floyd - 0.43 (1 GS, 7 IP) Jake Peavy - 0.50 (1 GS 8 IP) Tom Glavine - 0.57 (1 GS, 7 IP) Ben Sheets - 0.72 (3 GS, 22 1/3 IP) Andy Pettitte - 0.80 (3 GS, 20 IP) Coach Walker? I suppose you saw this bit about Larry Walker making an appearance in Spring Training as a special instructor via the PD this morning. He's also a coach for the Canadian team in the WBC, eh. All of this made me wonder if Walker will return to baseball in the next few years on the coaching side of things. It makes sense. The guy obviously had the skills. He also seems to have the temperament to be a good coach, more importantly than the baseball skills. Baseball would benefit greatly with Walker's presence.
I feel Larry Walker could be a coach...Let him spend some time with his family for a couple of years and we'll see what happens after that...Maybe his next step is Cooperstown...
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