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Monday, February 20, 2006


temporary discomfort

you may notice some temporary technical problems here at the Diaspora. we're in the process of upgrading, and things have gotten a bit screwy. the migration to word press isn't as easy as promised - stay tuned
I have had discomfort (understatement mine) trying to WordPress-ify my site. If anyone has successfully transitioned to WordPress on a Mac, please leave a comment here or on my blog.
I didn't have any problems migrating to WordPress from my old blogger site, at least (on a mac, no less); a few of the GreyMatter entries proved more problematic.
i've had a heckuva time with my old entries. the comments, while would be nice to have, are mostly overrun with spam, so i'll probably save those on blogger.

it's going better now. might have helped to have a better idea about the design. alot of it has been figuring out what goes where, etc.

thanks guys
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