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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Picking Your Friend's Game

In an effort to further alienate the people in my life, I have been thinking lately about purchasing a baseball video game for the PS2, an Xmas gift. The problem here is that I know next to nothing about baseball video games. I have no history with them from the Atari 2600 to the current gaming system. Therefore, I'm calling out a favor from the Diaspora readership. Please give me your suggestions for a good way to insert even more baseball into my time. This seems like a much better approach than trolling the online reviews or asking the kids at Best Buy. I trust the opinion of the Cardinals fan, eventhough I don't know you, you obviously have good taste as evidenced by your choice of baseball teams to support and your decision to kill precious moments of your life reading the mad ramblings of this blogger. My interest in this goes back to some Flash-based game MSNBC had on their site in the summer of 2004. You were a pitcher and threw sliders, curves, etc. to different hitters in different situations. It was nothing complex, but I could have played it all day. In fact, I think I might have spent more than a few days in an old job playing that game. It's gone now, and there's a hole in my life that needs to be filled. My corporate masters now are a bit less understanding, so this activity will have to be conducted from home via the PS2. I do have a few criteria in game selection. First, I'm not the world's most gifted game player, so I need a game with a relatively low learning curve. The thought of having to manipulate three buttons at a time to pitch intimidates me. Second, I won't be spending more than 3-4 hours a week playing this game. I play casually here and there. That said, I wouldn't mind something were you could go online and play a game or two every now and then. I guess I don't really have any other major criteria. I'm not married to the idea of a game using real Cardinal players, and in fact I have seen some pretty positive feedback on the NCAA baseball game that is out now. Is that one really complex? I know you can't play as the University of Wyoming (undergrad) because they cut the baseball team while I was a freshman, some years back. Oh, one more requirement: the ability to type in childish, immature names. As a young lad I reaped great amusement typing in a-s-s for my Centipede high score on the arcade version that sat in the movie theatre lobby. G-F-L later became my gaming moniker in ironic tribute to Snoop Dogg. Give me your thoughts on this, and help me find a suitable baseball game for the PS2.
The game that I always found to be the most realistic is high heat baseball. They stoped making it a few years ago but you should be able to find it pretty cheap at a used game store (slackers, ext.) It probably has the smallest learning curve. The controls are well designed and fairly simple to use. The graphics are not the best out there but are still pretty good. I think that you can create custom players and names so thats a plus. The MVP series is also good. better graphics and fairly realistic if you set it up right. you should be able to buy MVP2005 for around 20$ new. Good Luck
thanks, anon.
the new EA sports NCAA baseball game is great. fairly easy to learn and has online capability
I buy a new baseball video game almost every year, and I have found that the EA Sports games are pretty much always excellent. I'm not sure whether the latest edition is called MVP or Triple Play or what, but just look for the latest baseball game that you can find with the EA logo. I would advise against getting an older MLB game, just because it's fun to be able to play with more up-to-date rosters, and young players like David Wright and Zach Duke. Of course, you might have to wait a few months before the 2006 edition comes out. But the 2005 edition has Pujols on the cover, for what that's worth. I haven't played the NCAA game yet, but I'm sure it's fun.
thanks jeffw. I used to play EA's hockey games some on the PS1 and was always happy with quality, etc.
I bought the NCAA one last week, it's a lot of fun, but getting the timing of the hitting is difficult.

I would probably recommend MLB "The Show" coming out later this month. I understand you create your own player, with whatever obscenities in his name you want, and guide him from the minors to a superstar major leaguer.

I don't have PS2, so i'm stuck with MLB 2k6. Last year's edition isn't as detailed as the MVP series, but it is easy to pick up and play. the new edition is supposed to be much more detailed, you can check it out here-http://www.2ksports.com/games/mlb2k6/

overall, i'd have to say MVP 2005 has been my best video game experience, and like another poster said, it could be had for cheap at most stores now.

i must warn you, whatever you decide, prepare to hear from your spouse "are you going to play that all night?" UGH! :]
MVP 2005 fo SHO! (Manny Ramirez is on the cover.) I am addicted, and this is SO realistic, that it is almost handling my winter month jones!
I have unlocked Gibby...and with him on the mound and Orlando Cepeda as a DH....I can't get enough!!!
I have been playing been playing EA sports MVP 25K all winter long. This is the BEST way to go thru withdrawls. I am anxious to get the new version because it will have Juan and Miles and so forth on the roster. Any EA sports game is the way to go.
Erik & jason cooper,
thanks for the advice. i think i'm going to give mvp 2005 a try, i saw it at a game store for $12. how can you go wrong for that?

erik, i hear you on the spouse part. our schedules overlap enough to allow me enough of a video game fix.
Just so that everyone knows, EA isn't making an MLB game for 2006. As far as I've seen there'll be the 989 Sports version and 2K Sports' MLB 2K6. I'm sure either one would be an alright game, but if rosters that were current as of Jan. 05 are cool with you, I highly, and I mean highly, recommend MVP 2005. I'm currently in my fourth full season with the Cardinals, the roster has changed drastically, but that's part of the fun. Also, if you really wanted updated rosters, there is a FAQ over at IGN.com that gives you all the info (team changes, name changes, attribute and appearance changes, etc.) to update the rosters yourself. All of that aside, it's an awesome game.
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