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Monday, February 13, 2006


Holy Cow!

I realize that you're probably just now getting ready for your Oscar pool, making your picks, and deciding on what the grand wager will be. It might seem early to start thinking about next year's slate of Academy Awards nominations, but here's a little inside info for you. In the Best Documentary Feature category, go ahead and pencil in, Hello Again Everybody, a look back at the life and times of Harry Caray. Looks like the film will be a summer release, a possible distraction when an air conditioned movie theatre appeals to you more than a humid, 100 degree day game against the Reds in August. Sure, everybody knows Caray for his unique style of broadcasting, but what about Caray the pitch man for Bud or Falstaff, when he was on Chicago's South side? "Ah, what I wouldn't do right now for a plate of barbecue ribs and an ice-cold Falstaff!" Hopefully, good documentarians won't get too hung up on the official nostalgia and leave out gold like that. It remains to be seen. Does Will Ferrell make an appearance?
"Just answer the question-if the moon where made of ribs would you eat it then?"
he he

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