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Friday, February 03, 2006


Dear Mr. Fantasy

Exercise your right to pursue nerdiness, and join the Cardinals Diaspora fantasy baseball league! Yahoo! has opened registration for fantasy baseball. As discussed earlier in these pages, I've put together a free league for Cardinal fans, bloggers, and other aficionados. This league is a standard 12 team roto league, so sign up before all the spots are taken. To give this league a little extra identity, I added sac flys and sac hits into the stat categories for hitters as well as batters grounding into DPs for pitchers. Those additional categories add a little flavor Cards fans will be readily familiar with. Below is the league info. To join, head over to Yahoo's fantasy sport page (http://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1) and navigate your way to the baseball part of it. When you sign up just enter this league's info, create your team, and it's fun time. The draft will take place on Monday, February 20 at 8:30 p.m. Eastern time. If that time becomes a problem for people, let me know, and we can change it. League name: Cardinals Diaspora League id#: 8894 password: pujols Come ready to compete, in as a much as you can compete wafting through stat reports and spending even more time on the internet. If you're a blogger, even better, we can tie the blogs into the league to talk trash, commiserate, discuss, etc. If demand runs high and you can't get in, leave a comment or email me, and we can add another league. Alright, get ready to rumble, or something like that. Be part of this groundbreaking (?) one-of-a-kind blog experiment that promises to be more fun than the Stanford Prison experiment. Related fantasy question for readers/fans: Do you have a keeper league with an opening OR would there be some interest in starting a keeper league (however one does that)? If so, let me know. Thanks.
I'm in! Fantasy baseball AND a community of people who obsessively write/read Cardinals blogs? How can I possibly resist that much nerdiness?
exactly! fun times will ensue
I'm in... altho I will have to miss the draft. Gotta work. Damn news never stops.

Class during the draft though.
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