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Friday, February 17, 2006


And They're Off...

You'll excuse me if I'm just a little overwhelmed at the moment, and the sporadic posting of the last week. This week went from a gentle meander to a deafening roar all at once with pitchers and catchers reporting, fantasy baseball sign up, the opening of the first major Dada exhibit in the U.S., and the DC premier of Neil Young: Heart of Gold. Nervous twitches and turrets outbursts aside, I think I finally caught my breath. Up here, another day of a false spring is upon us, a cruel joke after being snowed in last weekend. Down in Florida (or Arizona if you follow one of those teams) spring is in full force. The players are getting warmed up for the season and answering seemingly endless media queries between the sprints, batting drills, and throwing sessions. Right now, the biggest question surrounding the Cards (besides the usual mulling over about who will make the roster come April) seems to be Mark Mulder's contract status. To be honest, I don't know where I come down on that issue. Part of me thinks that they should lock him up for a couple more years because he's a lefty that can give us solid innings and a decent chance to win games, even if his pitching style fails to excite. Then come the questions of how much money. He's hardly as important to the team as Carpenter, but by current market standards he could easily garner $10M a season. For that, I'd rather have another power arm, which probably comes at a higher price than that come next winter. If Jocketty can lock him up under that price (isn't 2005 Cy Young winner Chris Carpenter playing for $6M a year?), then by all means. Then you have to start looking at how this affects the team's total payroll, which we have been assured will not be increasing substantially anytime soon. You can see where the Mulder contract issue is a minor quandary. And maybe it's my inherently cynical nature, but does anyone else detect a bit of insincerity in Mulder's stated desire to stay in the Lou? Whatever. Let's just hope he gives us one of those contract year performances.
Nice pic, what's with the twinkies and ding dong's poster in the background, in a rather conspicious spot....?

I actually believe Mulder is sincere, he does sorta like playing here. But I agree, the guy isn't going to be worth $10M a year unless he can start quit being so dang hittable and giving up so many free passes
That photo totally creeps me out.
now you know what mulder thinks about when he's having those good games
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