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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


This N' That Again

Greetings Diaspora-ites. There's just not much going on in the baseball world at all right now, even if you do care about the WBC. That's okay, it's good to take a break from your obsessions, it's unhealthy otherwise. Remember that SNL sketch from the early 90s where William Shatner tells costumed fans at a Star Trek convention to "get a life?" That's kind of what I feel like (one of the fans) roving the net looking for stuff about baseball right now. Besides, today my interests have been focused exclusively on the Academy Award Nominations, because film is a passion of mine that rivals only baseball for my devotion. Oh yeah, and that whole day job thing today. By the way, if you're thinking about your taxes and a good place to donate a little cash in preparation for next year's taxes, I highly recommend community-based non-profit arts organizations, especially film festivals, societies, etc. Here's my favorite. Also, when you become a member of organizations like this you get killer benefits, oh, and you support that whole good cause thing. Sorry, kind of a tangent; I blame the lack of baseball. In news on the official site, the Cards are doing the obligatory mentions of the "competition" for several positions on the team. Obviously, Junior Spivey is the odds on favorite to start at second base, and the cliche about competition is required in the world of competitive sports. It reminds me a lot of junior high football or little league baseball, where the coaches would make the stupid "anybody can win this or that position" talk. In spite of this crap, we all damn-well knew, as did the coaches, who was going to start, and in a small town like mine that usually had as much to do with who a kid's parents were as someone's skill. Uh oh, blood's starting to boil a bit from all the bad memories of youth sports, so I'll stop now. Anyway, don't read too much into the competition for second base or left field or fifth spot in the rotation mumbo-jumbo. Spivey and Ponson are clearly the predetermined favorites, in as much as that can possibly be considered good news. Be sure to check out the Probabilistic Model of Range info for each position at Baseball Musings. Today, Mr. Pinto looked at RF. Back at you later.
hey, great post as always ryan.
i'd like to ask you for a favor. i have started cardinals blog titled "Redbird Ramblings". the web address is www.xanga.com/cards4life . i was wondering if you can add a link to my blog on your site. i have already added a link to your site on mine. it is under the reviews. i would truely appreciate it.

Ryan, it looks like that skit was from 1986, actually. One of the better ones in "SNL" history, IMO.
Redbird Ramblings - will do. i'm kind of slow about updating the HTML stuff, so look for it this weekend.

jeff - i thought it was from the 80s, but i couldn't remember. i agree with you, that skit is still one of my favorites
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