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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Supporting Pitch

Sometimes, there's no better feeling than when another voice, particularly that of an expert, seconds an idea or suggestion that you're passionante about. When that person seconds your opinion without prior knowledge of your statement, all the better. Thus, in the spirit of "I told you so," allow me to point out Bryan Smith's opinion, expressed today in his top 75 prospects run down at Baseball Analysts, of Anthony Reyes and what role the young righty should fill on the 2006 Cardinals.
As a Cubs fan, I really like Sidney Ponson all the sudden. Yes, he just signed with the Cubs rival, but I'm really hoping he wins a rotation spot in Spring Training. Why? Because it blocks Anthony Reyes, who the Cardinals should have simply all-but-guaranteed a spot. After four unimpressive and inconsistent seasons at USC, Reyes has blossomed with the Cardinals now that he has found himself healthy. Starting his pro career in 2004, Anthony has flown through the system, and even impressed the Cardinals with a call-up in 2005. However, St. Louis remains reluctant to give the 24-year-old a rotation spot, which is just fine with the Cub fan in me.
Ahh, damn it feels good to be right. But it's a short-lived and potentially pyrrhic victory, as our beloved Cardinals are the ones likely to suffer by starting more recycled pitchers instead of legitimate talent.
The old addage is "you can never have too much pitching."

Maybe you can never have too much STARTING pitching as well. Seemed to work out pretty well for the White Sox last year. (Just trying to put a positive spin on things ...)
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