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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Status and Youth

Greetings loyal platoon of readers! Quick update of some Diaspora happenings. I've got a major project in the realm of real life going on right now, and am forcibly denying myself baseball until I finish it, which should be by this afternoon. Sometimes procrastination is the only way. Hey, I work better under pressure, or so the old excuse goes. Following this project, I'll be finishing up a post for this evening, so you late night readers can have something to do while you watch the Discovery Channel fill its educational programming requirements. Here's something for a talk amongst yourselves activity in the meantime. Let's say July rolls around and things are going well for the Cards, all six starters are doing well, Big-Rod (the LF combo of Rodriguez and Bigbie) is producing, the Encarnacion naysayers prove to be wrong, nobody's injured, and even old Junior Spivey is playing like it was 2003...what kind of trade should Jock make? My instincts tell me to go for a hard throwing number two starter, but what about the other options? This might be a good opportunity to get a talented young player(s) that would beef up the farm system. Jock could trade Marquis or Supe or whoever to an AL team in the midst of a close playoff run for a 22-23-or so year old AAA blue chipper, hitter or pitcher whose impact would be felt in 2007 or 2008. Of course, this impact could be using the kid in an offseason trade, but still you get the idea. I don't know. Just a quick thought to chew on as your day drags on.
Well, in the perfect world you describe, I could see the Cardinals going after Jason Schmidt or Jose Contreras maybe...?

Maybe that's shooting for the moon a bit.

or perhaps the Red Sox will be willing to shed themselves of Matt Clement? I know he took that nasty shot off his noggin and wasn't the same, but maybe he could bounce back nicely in st louis.
yeah. that's more what i would like to see, but i just pondering the possibility of getting some farm talent too.

I guess if they're totally out of it come July, would they be better advised to do that or load up for one last win now year in 2007- which would probably be the last shot for a team w/ Edmonds in CF?
whatever, you guys don't have a chance after this year with Encarnacion and the other junk piles you've got
Ooooh... my first blog troll!!!
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