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Monday, January 16, 2006


Soft Reactions

My obligatory reaction to the Jeff Nelson signing: meh... It's a minor league contract, and the guy has to pitch his way onto the team in the spring. More than anything, this seems like the Bill Pulsipher story updated for 2006. Yeah, it doesn't have the same Horatio Alger like stuff associated with it, but you get the idea. I was looking at the pictures of the Winter Warm-Up, it seems like adults really go in for the autographs more so than the young-uns. Hopefully, these are the "reconnecting with their youth" adults fans as opposed to the "must sell shit at local card conventions" greedy adults. Couple other observations, John Gall looks refreshingly more like an audience member on CSPAN's "Book TV" than a pro baseball player. Fredbird flashed a gang symbol - on further review it's just a thumbs up. It'd would be cool to meet Walt Jocketty ("Juan Encarnacion!? What were you thinking?!"), but who cares about is autograph.
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