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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Pointing Fingers

LaRussa "fingered" the 2006 batting order at the awards dinner last night. The skipper raised four fingers and pointed at Edmonds when a reporter asked the slugger a question about hitting the first dinger in Busch 3 implying JEd would be in the second spot. Tony then raised five fingers and pointed at Rolen. Hitting fourth, a good spot for JEd according to Hummingbird's analysis at VEB, should help to boost Jimmy's numbers from last year. Looking at his stats it seems things were in line with career norms except for a decline in his total number of hits. He'll obviously have some decent protection behind Albert and ahead of Rolen*. Now who's in the two hole, Spivey or Bigbie? Ugh. (I'm going to be "hatin'" on Spivey until he provides me with a reason to do otherwise. Deepest apologies for using the term "hatin'."
Hey Ryan,

Thanks very much for the citation on my bit about Jimmy on VEB. And the news about Tony's lineup hints is good...ish. I still would prefer that Scott batted 4th and Jimmy batted 5th; Jim's significantly better from the 5-hole than from any other spot in the order, and that includes the 4-spot. Still, batting 4th does seem to be his second favorite place in the order. So if Tony is determined not to hit Jim 5th, I s'pose 4th is the next best thing.
i think TLR likes that R-L-R cadence to the heart of the order
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