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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Pen, Rubber Room...It's All the Same

Okay. It took me a little longer to finish was I was writing. This particular piece of work fails to come easy, like say, writing about how you want to see Anthony Reyes in the starting rotation. Self promotion doesn't come easy to most, which makes something like a cover letter a more difficult exercise than one expects. Anyway, back to baseball. Rant time. I'm working on another post, but when I saw this on the Cards' official site I knew it couldn't pass without comment. Beat writer Matthew Leach opens the mailbag and the first question probes the six starter issue. Leach responds:
I wouldn't expect a trade, though it's not impossible. If Anthony Reyes wins the spot, odds are that Ponson would be sent to the bullpen, something he's said that he's open to. If Ponson wins out, you might see Reyes in the bullpen, though I'm not sure that would be the organization's first preference. I think what you might see is Reyes headed back to Memphis to start every fifth day there, where he'd be at the ready if anything happened to one of the other five starters. It's a good problem to have.
Good news, bad news to take away from this. The bad, Anthony Reyes gets exiled for a ground balling, control guy that can work well with the offense through 32 starts and pull out 15-16 wins, rounding out a control oriented staff that won't find much success in the playoff environment. Listen, I realize Reyes is young, but come on, at some point all the "projects" becomes farcical, "Washed Out Major Leaguer? Come on Down to Walt Jocketty's Health and Fitness Spa, the Gateway to a Bigger Contract in Your Future." Whatever. The good news, at least they don't want to stick Reyes in the pen. I got $10 that says the kid gets traded, sure maybe Marquis gets shopped and swapped too, but start reviewing all the 35 year olds around the league. Good problem to have? Yeah, sure, in the post-modern paradigm every perception holds some form of truth, so maybe it is a good problem to have. Okay rant over. I feel better, if not a little tired. Oh so tired. Going to spend a little time watching film, a passion equaled only by Cardinal baseball. Mean Streets has a particular appeal after reading that.
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