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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


More New Media

There's a great deal to be analyzed, discussed, figured out, etc. about the roles, functions and intersection of blogs/new media and the more traditional outlets. I have much to say on the issue, but with a head full of cold medicine and my attention span divided into thirds between the internet, a surprising UT lead over USC, and Bravo's Project Runway (shut up), it's probably not the time to expand on such an important subject. I do want to point out to you, though the SE Sports Blog by Mike Mitchell of the Southeast Missourian, the local newspaper for Cape Girardeau, MO. By no means is this the only newspaper to enter the blog world, but I find it to be a smart mix of the more traditional reporting with the analysis and commentary function of blogs. Check it out. As you read it, notice how much it differs from the standard thousand word newspaper column. When newspaper columns are posted on the web, they have all the luster of 1977 Novas on a used car lot. Unlike so many tedious contemporary newspaper columns, Mitchell's blog gives the reader some credit, assumes they have some knowledge of the subject, and helpfully points readers to where they can glean this knowledge if they do not bring it with them. Like other top blogs but coming from a source within the established boundaries of media, the SE Sports Blog also acknowledges the insights and contributions of blogs, acknowledging that good blogs are far more than just partisan rants deserving nothing more than a sneer from the old media. I've added a link on the left, so stop in and check it out from time to time.
Newspaper columnists like Miklasz are now last on my list of sources to read about the Redbirds in particular and sports in general. Most newspaper sports columns strike me as offering very little true analysis. What's left are simply the writers' sentiments which tend to change dramatically day-to-day and/or are conveyed in the most two-dimensional of terms. I find that many sports blogs out there (like this one) not only offer interesting analysis, they also convey a more interesting, provocative and more heartfelt feeling of "fandom" as well.

I guess the idea behind the newspaper sports columnist is that she or he (overwhelmingly the latter) has special access to the teams and figures covered. I guess this may help in lending creedence to trade rumors, etc., but most of the columnists out there don't seem to me to offer anything more all that special.
well stated matty fred. The thing i'd really like to see change is the access issue, given the usage patterns and popularity of the web it just makes sense to give new media reps the same access. Even politicians have started to realize this and issue press passes, grant interviews, etc. to bloggers et al from the "new" media.
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