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Monday, January 09, 2006


Hall of Fame Facial Hair

The Hall of Fame voting results get announced tomorrow, and the big question is whether or not Bruce Sutter and/or Goose Gossage, two of the game's best relievers, will get some love from the BBWA. Alright, let's put aside all the issues of career longevity, stats, the BBWA disdain for the save, and all the other issues around HOF voting. For these two, the issue boils down to one thing and one thing only-hair. Both hurlers are notable for their follicle contributions as much as they are for cutters, saves, and ninth inning heroics. Have a look for yourself. Goose did for soup strainers in baseball and throughout society what Spinal Tap did for fans of improvisational jazz. Sutter looks absolutely feral, Jeremiah Johnson, a wild man ready to howl at the moon and eat a raw buffalo heart. Batters can't get a hit off the guy because they're too scared the pitcher will gouge their lungs out with a deer antler handle Bowie knife. Let's hope Cooperstown makes 2006 the year baseball rewards cutting-edge hair fashion and the trendsetters who made it possible.
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