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Friday, January 06, 2006


ESPN's Housewarming Gift

If you listen carefully, you can hear LaRussa's blood boiling right now at the news the Cards will have a total of ZERO days to practice or play in Busch III. This move comes courtesy of ESPN switching their Cards' Sunday, April 9 game in Chicago to an evening start for ESPN's Joe Morgan showcase, Sunday Night Baseball. Maybe they did it so that Neanderthal could get an Italian Beef Sandwich; I don't know. The highly respected cable network, also know as Disney's last vestige of profitability, pulled this stunt with the Cards last year for their game in San Francisco right before the All-Star Break. LaRussa was pissed off then; I can't wait to hear the skipper's reaction to this move. Because the Stadium construction is coming down to the wire, the Cards won't get to play any exhibition game before the season starts. The morning and afternoon of April 10 was going to be their first intro to their new home. Okay, so the team gets a small demerit for poor planning, but seems like another ill-conceived move by ESPN, the same type of move that made Stuart Scott the voice of the network, the same type of move that put Deadspin favorite Cold Pizza in the afternoon. Hat tip to Baseball Musings for the news.
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