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Tuesday, December 06, 2005



...Damn! Enjoy Toronto. It's like an American city, but clean and safe. It also does have some excellent restaurants, waaaay better hockey than St. Louis, too. Also, enjoy the American League, have fun pitching to the Red Sox and Yankees four or five times each season! You could have been facing the Cubs, Pitrates, and Astros (regular season version) on a regular basis, oh well. Most of all, thanks. Thanks (some thanks is to be shared with the Blue Jays) on behalf of the entire league for making sure even the most middling starting pitchers (Jeff Weaver, anyone?) will now get five year contracts on the basis of...of, well, a decent season and flashes of potential. Baseball is better for your having taken these actions. Free agent pitchers for all time should send the Blue Jays' front office a Holiday Ham as a thank you for picking up the slack with Burnett and B.J. Ryan in a season when even the Yankees have embraced some fiscal sensibility.
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