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Monday, December 12, 2005


Two Cents for Clemens

This is hardly recent news, but since it likely impacts that NL Central, I'll comment on it. Props to the Astros for not offering Clemens arbitration. Of course, as a Cards fan I had hoped they would, tying up precious resources in one of the game's oldest, greatest, and most self-important player. They would have been committing terrific amounts of resources to keeping Clemens happy catering to the myriad of demands in his contract. In the lead up to the arbitration deadline, Roger had done his usual dance about whether or not to retire, whether or not a team might make it worth while for him to stay in the game, yada yada yada. What a diva. Now a free agent, the rumors have begun in earnest about where he might wind up, New York, Boston, Arlington, etc. Now we can say thanks for the cheapness of the Cards ownership, not to mention the sound management policies of Jocketty, and take comfort in the fact that he won't be wearing Birds on Bat next year. [p.s. if you start that rumor, I will personal find you and make you listen to a non-stop week of sports talk radio, heinous torture not even fit for Abu Gharib] Don't take too much glee in the fact that we might not face him as an Astro next year, though. It sounds like, since they signed Ausmus, that he might just rest his old bones till May 1, and in order to have some gas in the tank come October. Of course, I can't imagine he'd comeback even then for free.
Do you think Rocket is able to kiss his own ass?
if not, there are certainly others he could kiss
It would be nice if Clemens could take heed of the classy way in which other aces have left the field of play, when it was time to step out of the limelight for the last time.

Such as that great Yankee ace, who knew when to quit, and left to a standing O after giving up the lead in Game 4 of the '03 WS .
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