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Monday, December 05, 2005


Sure He's Expensive, but...

I confess to getting somewhat giddy at the prospect of having A.J. Burnett as part of the Cardinals' rotation. While there are still a few critics out there, and a five year deal could give anyone reservations, I would recommend a pleasant acceptance of it all. Think about what the Cards are getting here. According to the 2006 Bill James Handbook, Burnett's the hardest thrower in the majors. While that's impressive for the cheers it's likely to elicit when those three digit numbers show up on the board at Busch Stadium v3.0, that's nothing compared to his peripherals: 2.51 K/BB and 8.53 K/9. But here's what must have really grabbed Duncan and LaRussa's attention, he posted a 2.42 ground ball/fly ball ratio, with a career G/F ratio of 1.44. With a little tutelage from Duncan, Burnett could be a really, really good pitcher. Yes, his stats at home were better, but his road stats were hardly pedestrian.
Expensive? It's all relative. The number of years troubles me a bit, but the money per annum is fine with me. Matt Morris will likely command 7-8 million from whomever his suitor ends up being. I don't mind paying $2 million more for a young(er) guy with a live arm.
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