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Friday, December 09, 2005


Reconsidering MaMo

I keep thinking that should read MoMA, but anyway... I just had a thought about the resigning of Matty Mo. I've been firmly in the camp that thinks resigning him is a bust; however, I just got the crazy idea that it might be useful. If the Cards really could get him to take a "hometown discount" and if the contract did not include a "no-trade" clause, he might be useful as another trade chip. I know, I know, this is a real long shot, but if teams are really as ready to make a move for them as they seem to be, he could garner at least one of the lineup cogs we need. Think about it, given the conditions above (big ifs), you might trade him for a solid, Wilkerson-esque outfielder. Teams might take a little more risk with regards to his abilities given a salary reduced from the $8M he's likely to garner on the open market. Even if they wait until the season starts, he could put up some early success with a little rest and recoup time in the offseason, a la 2005, giving us the option to sell high. Of course, he's pretty much declared his lack of interest in playing for the hometown discount.
If the Cards sign him with a discount, then turn around and trade him next season, that will for sure be the last "discount" any player gives them ever again.
If I'm correct, you can't trade a FA signing for at least 6 months without their permission. He could go in a deadline deal, I guess.
And, it sort of makes no sense for a team to trade for another team's newly signed free agent. Why take on a contract AND trade away a player when you can just take on the contract without losing anyone?
But signing Matty would make Marquis expendable...that's the only reason I want to see him back: a good outfielder.
yeah, the whole thing smacks of desperation at this point.
desparation and smugness on the part of the Cards, IMO. Morris has already said he wouldn't go for the hometown discount line, yet they still low-balled him. Jock said he didn't feel confident after talking to Axelrod, and I don't blame him. Matt is gone..
Morris rejects Cards and Rangers.
I agree with cardinal70, there is some rule on not being able to trade a newly signed FA without his permission. Didn't know it was 6 months - thanks 70 - so he's right, you could use him for the first half of the season, then trade him away. But then you leave your outfield problem hanging until then, so that's probably not the best thing to do.

I don't blame the Cards for low-balling him, the market price for starters have been crazy the past two years - Benson? Pavano? Loaiza? Byrd? Ugh. Worries me too because they should know his health better than other teams.

But I'm happy we got him over the other choices available in the under $10M range, at least there's a history of him having a long stretch of great seasons whereas none of the other guys have ever put together any consistent string of good pitching. The best that can be said about the rest of them is this: they eat innings and won't stink doing it.

Nice site, good luck and have fun! Saw your site linked on David Pinto's Baseball Musings.
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