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Thursday, December 15, 2005



Sorry for the silence thus far today. Paying employment requires much of my attention this day, but there'll be more this evening. (Let me say this to our younger readers out there, make sure you don't let college binge drinking interfere with your plans to spend the rest of your life doing something you may actually find some passion for and avoid careers in marketing.) A HUGE thanks to Baseball Musings (Mr. Pinto's site was a huge inspiration to me) for the link today, kind of a bad day to be without content. At any rate, soak up the interview with Springfield Cardinals' beat writer Kary Booher, of the Springfield News-Leader, and prepare for heavy AA prospect talk tomorrow. Hint: There's some insight into Rick Ankiel and the Cards' outfield contained in part two. This weekend I'm going to be working on my own version of a "state of the team" series, unless the last minute rush of holiday gift shopping and manufacture (Crafts are still fun, and I assist my wife so I don't feel like a freeloader when we both sign the 'from' part of the card) totally consumes me.
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