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Sunday, December 04, 2005


May I Cut In? Cubs Interested in Burnett too.

Word this evening is that the Cubs are now jumping into the Burnett melee. It sounds fishy, for a team not in need of starting pitching, this might be more of a tactic to keep him off the Cards. Maybe they make an offer just a little more than the Cards' offer, Toronto, desperately wanting to compete in the AL East, panics and offers the 5th year and more money. I don't know. What does concern me most about this, is that the Cubs have money and a desperate, irrational front office. The Cubs also want to pursue Damon, which will require a truckload of cash, to pursue Damon and Burnett would divert from getting other needed resources. Here's another question, while I'm wasting precious time playing armchair GM for the hated Cubs, why are they not in on the Abreu trade sweepstakes?

The dance may be almost over.
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