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Monday, December 12, 2005


Luck and Our Own Left-orium

Some good news for Cardinals fans today, as Orioels SS Miguel Tejada states that he would prefer to stay in Baltimore. This is good news because the Cubs, as noted around the web, were the frontrunners to acquire him, scamming the Orioels by swapping Mark Prior (lemon alert) or Carlos Zambrano (soon to be lemon). Our line up stands pat, and the Cubs go with the unreasonably priced Neifi. Then again, they don't have Aaron Miles at second base. Best of luck to you Matty Mo. Enjoy San Francisco, and $9M a season. Turn on your love light Giants fans. So we signed a big LOOGY in Ricardo Rincon. While his performance last year, even against lefties, probably made people in Oakland hock-a-loogy and think about spitting it at him, he has had success sending lefty hitters back to the dugout frustrated. His 2005 aside, he had good numbers AS A LOOGY in 2004, allowing only 18 hits (1 HR) and .200/.247/.278 while facing 90 hitters standing on the left side of the plate. Personally, I am of the mind that relief pitchers, especially highly specialized ones, are highly susceptible to a stinker season every so often, with luck figuring into that equation to a degree. His peripherals last year were consistent with his career numbers, and his ground ball/fly ball rate actually improved. (Do you think that the Cards' organization really emphasizes the value of the G/F stat?) Anyway, as cynical as I have been about the junk players we've picked up this fall, I think he might actually be a decent one for us, as long as he's never allowed outside of the LOOGY role. Now, with the season still almost four months away, the Cards have four lefties in the bullpen: Cali, Flores, Tyler Johnson, and Rincon. So we have Flores and Rincon (Rincon based on age, experience, and TLR's disdain for young arms) as the top two lefties in the pen, with Cali and Johnson as the young replacements. I don't know how the organization views Cali, but in two short stints with the big club in 2004 and 2005 he didn't fair well. Cali, 27, and Johnson, 25, may both get opportunities with St. Louis next summer, but will probably start in the season in Memphis after Spring Training.
I agree with Tejada, I would not want to play for the Cardinals either, I would rather play for the Devil Rays. Don't get me wrong, the Cardinals have a rich tradition of fielding a good team year after year. But 'Cow-Town' (St. Louis), is a bum place to play, and more so playing for LaRussa. LaRussa is a cheat, and I remember the haunting time when he was with the White Sox. Do you wonder why these free agents and other players are snubbing St. Louis offers.
Uh, Jerry, Miguel never said he wanted to play in St. Louis, nor did he ever say he wanted to play for the Cubs. All he said was he wanted out of Baltimore.

So really I'm not sure what your point was other than to be a standard Cubs fans taking pot-shots at the Cardinals.
Yea Cubs fan reading something into a comment that wasn't even there - so if you want to go that round then I guess he snubbed the Cubs since you were so sure you were going to get him. But who would actually WANT to play for the Scrubs. You sad sad Cubs fans lol
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