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Friday, December 16, 2005


Looping Back, reprise

And your premier off-season free agent signing is... Braden Looper. Kind of anticlimactic, huh? I said Looper would be a good pick up, when I thought he was to be had for a one year deal for two or even three million. I didn't think the market would grant him closer money. Still, dance with them that brung ya, or whatever the saying is. I reviewed Looper's stats earlier in the week, given his peripherals and a ratio of ground balls to fly balls, Duncan might well get him back to his 2004 form. His weakness is lefties, but the NL Central isn't too bad a place to pitch if that's your Achilles heel. Yes, it is an insane amount of money, but there's probably not much use in complaining about it now. DanUp makes a good point though, in that the organization wasn't willing to spend $5M on a second baseman, but no problem dropping that on Looper? Birdos notes is as pound foolish, and that's probably a reasonable assessment too. I hope Duncan gets this kid pulled back together, because if he doesn't even the most forgiving fans in baseball will remember this contract. Conspiracy theory time. How much is this signing due to concerns about Izzy's health?
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