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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Learning to Deal

I'm going to reluctantly admit to experiencing a decreased sense of panic from the Cardinals lack of activity thus far in the hot stove. Let me first assure you that it is not out of pure blind faith. Jocketty et al have proven to be smart, rational executives, but they're hardly infallible. However, they're smart not to be making signings now merely to be making signings (i.e. PR). If it's between paying Burnitz $5M for a season or letting the current crop of Rodriguez, Gall, Bigbie, etc. battle it out, then go with what we have. A Jacque Jones or Burnitz probably isn't going to be able to give you much more than those guys can in the field and at the plate. Honestly, I'd like to see what those young-ish guys can do given the opportunity. Taguchi, while not young has proven himself as a capable replacement. However, in spite of my reluctant acceptance (not approval), I refuse to blindly afford ownership a free pass, giving the GM a hard cap for empty roster spots and expecting his Midas touch with second basemen in need of reclamation is foolish. Probability tells us that at some point the reclamation project isn't going to work. And not allowing Jocketty to up the offer to Burnett (worth the risk IMO), within the market realities of today's MLB was a bad move. Fielding the current lineup as is, the Cardinals start off in a decent position within the NL Central. They must make upgrades along the way, and I'm sure something may yet happen this winter. Although Giles would have been nice, that level of a player may not necessarily be what the team needs; I don't recall Jermaine Dye being hailed as the most important signing by the White Sox last December. If nothing happens, they'll be a competitive team, but definitely not a championship team.
You consider Taguchi "young-ish"?
no, i meant rodriguez, gall, etc.
according to PrOPS J-Rod (or Hot Rod or whatever the heck his name is now) would make a good corner of guy, better then the current guys out there on the FA market.

JRod's PrOPS .879.

Gall would fill in nicely out there too-PrOPS .843 Of course these projections should be taken with a grain of salt, but they are encouraging. Shows we have younger, cheaper guys in house verses chasing guys like Jacque, Enc, Burnitz & Co.

It's weird, but I too am finding our current situation liveable. Let's give Jock & Co some credit for not going nuts with the market.
here, here! erik.
I agree with you there. I don't know why, but I have a feeling (probably a hope) that Rodriguez works out well. No he's probably not a Brian Giles, but a capable OF.

Maybe that's just because he was nice enough to sign my baseball in August.
We can go with what we have and make a trade in June for an outfielder that will be a free agent next year. Example: Will Clark, Woody Williams, Mark Mulder. We have done it in the past we will do it again. Have a little faith.
anonymous - i didn't agree with that statement so much a month ago, but I've definitely come around. In fact, I almost think they might be better served making that trade for a starter, and unless one of our big guys gets injured, keep the OF as is. An upgrade at 2B will probably be necessary, but it doesn't necessarily have to be a guy of Marcus Giles level or anything.
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