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Thursday, December 08, 2005


Is It Bleak Yet?

From Rich Lederer at The Baseball Analysts: "This offseason has been characterized as much by the moves the St. Louis Cardinals haven't made as the moves the San Diego Padres have made. It's a fact that the Padres have been busier than rush hour on the Interstate 5, and it's fiction to think that the Cardinals have done anything other than auction off a bunch of player lockers and urinals from old Busch Stadium." Rich's column offers some of the best insight into the off-season wheelings and dealings throughout the league. With a little insight from Cards fan/blogger HOFer Brian Gunn, the piece reserves a few paragraphs to examine what the Cardinals' lack of moves means, and the question "end of an era?" is posed to the reader. Go read it, and then start to wonder.
The key to saving this offseason, in my eyes, is re-signing Morris. Three years at 8 mil a pop doesn't sound that horrible to me, when you consider that Esteban Loaiza just got signed for 7 a year. If we can re-sign Morris, we can dangle Marquis as trade bait for someone, which could bring us a corner outfielder we so desperately need now!

I hate to agree with the post below this one, but I do. I don't see a ton of production coming out of either of them, but we'll see, Walt has a way of finding some good unknown players, a la Abraham Nunez.

I seldom find fault with The Gunn's opinions, but I do think he's calling this season a failure WAY too soon. He may very well be right in the end, but until April comes and we have nothing but these benchwarmers, I'm not willing to concede anything. The core is intact, Scotty will be back (which, IF he can stay reasonably healthy is sorta like getting one of the big names we missed), and the first pitch is nearly four months away. I wanted the big names too, but that's hardly ever worked out for Walt. Have patience and keep the faith--you KNOW he's not done yet. If he is, I'll be having a fit along with the rest of you--but till then, he's earned the benefit of the doubt from all of us.
The thing that bothers me most is ownership's unwillingness to open up the pocketbook just a little bit more. It almost smacks of Carl Pohlad.
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