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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Hurry Up and Wait!

Hey there, are you an aging second baseman in need of a major league roster position to turn his career around? Are you willing to take a one year contract in order to perform at a level more consistent with your early thirties in the hopes that you can then turn around and bilk another team out of two or three years and upwards of $12 million? A high risk for injury WILL NOT disqualify you for this position. Than have we got the job for you! Come man the keystone for the second most storied franchise in all of baseball. Fernando Vina, Brett Boone…the list of candidates to play second base for the Cards next year just keeps getting better and better. At this point, Grudzielanek is one of the better options for us, except he wants $3M and at least a couple of seasons and might well get that to play in Flushing. So, once again the Cards will be forced to grab someone off the junk heap, and, if you play the odds, their luck has to run out with that trick at some point. Remember, they considered Roberto Alomar, now retired, for the job last year. Hey, I bet Tony Womack could be had for a handful of beads and a sack of gunpowder. Whether or not you agree that Jocketty’s approach to the Burnett sweepstakes represented solid business management or not, you have to be a little frustrated with the same old tired “stick to the plan” approach. Waiting on Burnett (or Renteria) as the first in a chain of events to fill and improve the roster is also a risky and costly strategy. While waiting, the Cards could have easily proceeded on other fronts. It may have changed their plans in regards to Burnett, but might have improved the team significantly in other areas. Now, they scramble for a few has-beens to round out the roster for one more year staying within the financial guidelines spelled out by ownership. Brian Gunn, in the comments section over at Birdos, notes that we may look back next year from the perspective of a few games back in the division at the Luis Castillo to Minnesota trade with some serious regret. That might not be the only one we regret come October 2006, Brian.
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