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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Hot Stove Haiku Contest Winners!

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for, The Hot Stove Haiku Contest Winners! We put out a call for entries in two categories, Cardinals related and all MLB related. In the first category the winner gets a 1985 Fleer Terry Pendleton rookie card; in the second category, the winner gets a 1977 Topps Bruce Sutter rookie card. In the Cardinals related category, the winning entry comes from Eric M. urinals for sale busch III, a cash cow for sure all for deivi cruz In the all MLB category, the winner comes to us from Doug G. a sun burns many hands the pitcher gets richer still Manny weeps alone Many congrats to the big winners. Of course, everyone who sent us a haiku is a winner; consider yourself enriched. We had about a hundred or so entries when it was all said and done, which is way more than we expected. (Quite frankly, we're thrilled to know that a hundred people even bother to read this site.) I guess the lure of $2 worth of baseball cards ignited the fires of creativity within you all. Huge thanks to Deadspin, Viva El Birdos, and Bellyitcher for posting the contest announcement. We'll be contacting the winners shortly, just in time for you to give the gift of baseball cards.
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