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Friday, December 02, 2005


Financial Maturity

By now you've probably read about the Cardinals offer to A.J. Burnett, if not, the Post-Dispatch has picked it up (after the online community had reported the news) here. The Cardinals, wisely, made a very reasonable offer in a free agent market gone mad with pitcher contracts. Four years at $10 million with a performance-based option for a fifth, constitutes rather smart business by the current standards. [If you're not convinced the market is crazy go read about 38 year old Tom Gordon's deal with the Phillies.] However, the Blue Jays have put in an offer for 5 guaranteed years and somewhere in the neighborhood of $60 million bucks (via The Hot Stove Report). If Burnett takes the Cards' offer, he'll take it because it affords him (still quite handsomely) the chance to play for a team he grew up cheering for in Arkansas. This would give fans good reason to applaud him, and could well signal some maturity on the part of a talented pitcher who damaged his reputation a bit with his end-of-season antics in the Marlins' clubhouse. We'll know soon if he makes the right move.
Don't count on Burnett to make the non--monetary choice. Money talks......

Hope he likes Toronto. They have a nice theater district.
i doubt he's a hockey fan being from Arkansas, but if he is, he's in luck.
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