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Saturday, December 10, 2005


Festivus Calls

I should probably just stop thinking about filling the holes in the Cards' roster, relax enjoy the Holiday season, write some seasonal cards to friends and family, enjoy a hot toddy, or two, watch the Charlie Brown Christmas show for the 29th time...you get the idea. But I can't, alt dot nerd dot obsessive. The big free agent targets are off the market, and throwing out absurd rumors like the team trading for Tejada, Abreu, A-Rod, Cabrera, etc. wastes time and energy that might be better used on other delusional pipe dreams. Now you have to get creative. Letting Taguchi, et al fill one of the outfield spots works fine. For the other spot, here's something I wouldn't be terribly upset to see: trading for Milton Bradley. If they can still get him cheap, the rumored swap with the Cubs for Todd Walker may well make his price too high, and by too high, I mean Jason Marquis or Wainwright. Maybe they'd take Chris Duncan or Scott Seabol or a player of the middling AAA/major league ready variety. Bradley's a headcase and questionable injuries have dogged him, but it's a high risk/high reward situation. Although if we could get him with a suggestion like those above, the risk would be mitigated somewhat by the low cost. Anyway, mull that over. Send in your poems, and check back here on Tuesday to see the winning entries. There's another treat coming up next week, an inside look at the Springfield Cardinals, our AA affiliate.
I don't kinow how to do this BUT as a CARDINAL FAN since the 1950's I would REALLY like to get in touch with someone who would try to do some shopping for a Cardinal item I cannot fine her in NJ would pay for item and shipping Hope someone out ther shops.
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