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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Crisp-y Future for the OF?

If Jocketty pulls off a Marquis for Coco Crisp trade, I'll take back all (some) of the bitching and moaning I did on the Cardinals feeble week at the winter meetings. Viva El Birdos has the scoop, from someone named "Hawg Wild." I don't know how much stock I put in someone that willingly assumes the moniker "Hawg Wild," but it's hard not to get excited about a deal like this. Coco's 26 years young, a switch hitter, and just getting ready to peak as a major leaguer, a phenomenon usually occurring around a young man's 27th year. (Ahh, 27...I remember my 27th year...sort of). Last year he posted a solid line of .300/.345/.465/.810, showing steady improvement over the last three years. If he learns to take the walks a little better, he's a sure bet to up his OBP north of .355. Facing the lefties he suffers a bit, .696 OPS compared to a .869 OPS against the righties. I don't know why the Indians would want to get rid of him, but this wouldn't be the first time they tried. They tried to swap him in 2004, and I'm writing this without performing a cursory review of their farm system. They're down a starting pitcher with Scott Elarton signing with the cross state powerhouse Royals, and I would think they'd see some value in Marquis, who would be a solid upgrade from Elarton. Crisp would be a good fit in the number two spot, having a little more power and taking fewer walks than Eckstein. He's also a good bunter. I'm also promising myself and everyone in Cardinals nation that if we do get Crisp, I WILL NOT make any of the obvious and oh so trite cereal jokes. Although it is funny that Coco Crisp and Milton Bradley used to play on the same team; I bet the kiddies had a hell of a giggle at those games. None. Zero. No cereal jokes. ---- The Cards outfield got a de facto improvement today as Jacque Jones signed a 3 year, $16 million with the Cubs. That's good for us, Chicago gets a $5M per year for a platoon hitter; .616 OPS versus lefties. Rincon, Flores, Ty Johnson, Cali just got an easy way to earn their money.
First they bring Looper back, now they might get Crisp back. Who's next, Dmitri Young?
it's like the old drafts revisited...still speaks well of our scouting.
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