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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Broken Pitchers Seeking New Homes

St. Louis Rams' defensive end Leonard Little has a new drinkin' buddy in town, Sydney Ponson formerly of the Baltimore Orioles and the penal league. The drunk drivin', judge punchin' Ponson can hopefully get in turned around with a fresh start in St. Louis. What does this mean? The obvious answer is that Jocketty can now use a starting pitcher as a trade chip, and if if he were able to get Coco Crisp for Marquis, I'd gladly watch Ponson start 30 games for the Cards. However, given the size of the question mark hovering over Ponson's head, I have a stronger inclination to think that they'll wait and see how he does before shipping out a known commodity like Marquis. If things work out okay, Marquis or Suppan gets shipped out in July for an outfielder. Reyes then assumes a starting role with the added benefit of adjusting to the majors in half a season and, probably, goes into the playoffs (another if) as a bullpen pitcher. I don't feel strongly either way about Ponson's signing, but I hope he works out. Otherwise we'll ship him back to Aruba to search for that missing girl. There's also talk of the Cards having an interest in Wade Miller. BUYER BEWARE! Stay away from him unless he's willing to take a minor league contract. He will not recover in time for much of the 2006 season, and it sounds an awful lot like he won't recover much at all. He's one of those pitchers that has to have a hundred little things right in order to pitch well, and having all those things in order (his delivery style is a big part of that problem) is like...because I can't find a PG analogy...herding cats.
Hi Ryan. Regarding your remark about trading Marquis for Coco Crisp... do you think that perhaps a power-type bat could be had for Marquis instead? I posted my thoughts on such a matter on The 26th Man.
yeah, but I don't think we need a pure power bat. I think we need a high avg, high OBP guy that can hit 15-20 HR and get his SLG over 400 based on his doubles.
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