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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


The Biggest Cardinals News of the Day

Did you see old friend Steve Kline is headed to San Francisco in a swap for Latroy Hawkins? I wonder if Kline can pull it back together reunited with Mike Matheny? Highly dubious. Only Kline, to sound perfectly like a teacher, can straighten out Kline.
Ryan, Joe here. I'm trying to find some good Cardinal blogs and came across yours. I don't mind losing Burnett; too much of a risk in my opinion. I'm just starting up a new blog at:


and am going to be writing an article on Mulder here pretty soon, so if you get a chance, stop by. You're the first true Cardinal blog link on my site, so if someday my blog gets crazy popular, be honored.

Remember when LaTroy was supposed to be a savior of a relief pitcher? Another pitcher destroyed by the lack of success of the Chicago Cubs.

Seeya Around


thanks joe, i'll update your site on my links here. probably right on the AJ thing. anyway, looking forward to reading your stuff
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