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Sunday, December 04, 2005


All Quiet on the Central Front

Confession: I can't handle another stove/cooking metaphor while discussing or reading about baseball's off-season personnel acquisition activities. And if there's one thing that baseball ardently adheres to, its metaphors are sacrosanct. However, in spite of being innundated (I bear some guilt as well) with hackneyed metaphors, I remain resolutely fixated on the Hot Stove League. How else could I have justified spending an hour reading and analyzing Furcal signing with the Dodgers, when I should be devoting that energy to a 10-2 fantasy football season? Detachment, in the Buddhist sense, is the secret to fantasy football success, but only sheer obsessivness explains the former. The reason the Furcal news is so interesting is mostly because it seemed the Cubs and their fans took it for granted that the former Braves shortstop would be playing on the Northside next season. He was projected as the missing link in their hopes of contention. Alas, he opted for a deal that will make him richer in both the short and long term, playing for a once storied franchise mired in some turmoil. The Cubs can still get their much needed leadoff hitter, albeit a less talented on than Furcal, but it won't get any easier or cheaper. Juan Pierre seems the next most logical choice, with both Furcal and Luis Castillo off the market now, and they'll compete with the Yankees for him. I will wait until the Cards sign Burnett to revel in schadenfreude. With Furcal having slipped away, the NL Central remains relatively silent in moves and acquisitions, except for the Cubs paying outlandish sums for middle relief. Rumors swirl around the wants and desires of the Cards and the Cubs, but the news and activity by the other teams is somewhat minimal, the Reds' marquee Journell signing aside. The Cards and our rivals to the North are essentially the only teams with both the financial means and the ability and pressure to make a run for the World Series. The Cards, right now, have a lot ore needs to fill than the Cubs, so I'll hope that the stove heats... damn...hope that Jocketty fires up...ahh...hope that the guns of December roar to life with news of roster holes being filled in St. Louis. (Hey, a bad WWI analogy beats another stove one in this case.)
I am hearing the Cubs are looking to get in on the Burnett race.

Do they really want to experience ANOTHER letdown?
actually, they have more $$ and less brains than the Cards...dangerous combo
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