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Monday, November 21, 2005



Rumor and speculation continues to dominate the free agent and trade markets, which have been mighty inactive. I suppose as soon as one big one happens (I thought the Beckett - Blalock trade was a for sure this weekend) the flood gates will burst, particualrly if one of those teams involved is the Yanks, Red Sox, or Mets. While the league may delude itself about greater economic parity, evidence against parity is on display every time the hot stove league heats up. Teams are forced to hold off on making any major moves while free agents go to one of those three teams in order to drive their asking price higher, and teams wait to see what their payroll realities will be to determine trades, signings, etc. While there are other reasons, those teams sit at the controls for the dam. I'm fighting back a rant on why the Cards are limiting themselves to a $90 million payroll, when their economic situation is anything but bleak. Hell, they own their own damn radio station now. I'll hold off in the hopes that this could also be a negotiating tactic for Jock, a good GM that seems to need a constant dose of fiber for the speed at which he pursues the deals. Anyway, is anyone paying attention to what has been going on starting to get a little worried? The Cards pursue Burnett, and maintain that pitching is their primary need. Eventhough signing Burnett might well be impossible, as now the Red Sox have declared interest, not to mention the ridiculous demand for a 5 year contract. Meanwhile, the outfield is garrisoned by Jim Edmonds, and, uh, Rodriguez (who I'm really rooting for to be a capable OF), Taguchi...and some other guys who may not hti any better come October than anyone else on the team not named Pujols. As of this moment, Hector Luna holds the title on the dirt around secondbase.
I wasn't necessarily worried until the last line. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NONONO to Luna. Why do they not see that we need The Grudz back?
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