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Monday, November 07, 2005


The Whole Box Thing

Today, let's start another round of "wacky, zany" roster talk today around the most tired of all corporate cliches, "thinking outside the box." Rational speculation remains available. Over at Birdos, the Cards' SB Nation rep runsdown of the potential 2006 Cards after a Giles signing, making a good case for it. I still carry some hesitation, but the advantages of it are not trading away our tiny reserve of young talent, and plugging our biggest team hole with the best available. Big brother media makes a very troubling mention in today's PD rundown, "the Cardinals are among those teams interested in the availability of Los Angeles Angels outfielders Steve Finley and Darin Erstad." Oh God, no. If those slugs put on a Cardinals uniform this year, there's reason to believe that Jock's body has been taken over by Jim Bowden. Pick up a few more "control specialists" for the rotation and that would be confirmed. Seriously, you really couldn't do much worse than signing these two. Trading a bag of balls would make us the looser in that deal. That's thinking outside the box in a bad way. The same sentence also reveals an interest in Adam Dunn and Austin Kearns, certainly more palatable than the two OC Angels. At first thought, this next idea is going to seem like getting that ugly sweater from your grandmother at Christmas, but remember, we're thinking outside the box here, even the most absurd ideas will be entertained before being shouted down. The Dodgers are reportedly willing to trade Mr. Attitude, Milton Bradley for cheap, just to get rid of the club house cancer. He's got talent, but lacks what you might call a winning personality. If the Cards could get him for Ray King, is it worth it, worth it should they loose out on the Giles sweepstakes? I have my doubts; it seems like another Ron Gant calling LaRussa a racist situation waiting to happen. It would, however, beat trading anything for Finely or Erstad. Given the Cards zero dissent policy, it seems mighty unlikely. Alright, here's a couple more quick and crazy thoughts. Depending on what happens through free agent signings, consider trading players that seem untouchable. If we got another quality starter, I say shop Mulder. Might sound stupid now, but if we got a young stud to play second base for the next five years I don't think you would be as likely to remember the original trade that brought Mulder here in the first place. Early last year, rumors floated around about trading Edmonds. Now, the situation for trading him before the season starts is hard to imagine; it would mean getting Giles and probably another position guy. However, if you could get a star second baseman or a Vernon Wells to replace the beloved Jimmy in CF... Crazy thought, I know, but come July there could be several situations making it more of a possibility. Any thoughts? Have you envisioned any kind of roster scenarios that might get you verbally beaten to a pulp on talk radio? If we're really committed to winning, then outside of Carp or Pujols I would say nobody should be seen as untouchable. Besides, this is the internet, wherelse can we float wild innuendo and speculation?
I would argue that we can't lose Scott Rolen. He might be the best defensive third baseman we'll ever see, and when he's on, he's the second-best bat in our lineup only because Albert Pujols is from another planet. And he's five years younger than our beloved Jimmy.
I don't know. He's injured so often, that he's demonstrated little value come playoff time. Remember, we saw similar results with Nunez at 3B.
Well, we initially saw similiar results with Nunez, but eventually he "regressed to the mean," imo.
exactly, but you get my point with respect to Rolen being untouchable
Rolen's not J.D. Drew. His injuries have come from some pretty serious collisions. He doesn't twist ankles and knees tripping over blades of grass. And saying we saw "similar" results with Nunez would be like saying Neifi Perez could step in for A-Rod and provide similar results. Nunez didn't drive in 100 runs, did he?
no, i certainly didn't mean that Rolen and Nunez were interchangable. But the playoff results were mighty close. I put a lot of value in Rolen's presence on the team, I really do. I'm just trying to be devil's advocate a bit, thinking about ALL possible scenarios. Rolen's injuries tend to come from playing so extremely hard, rather than Drew's just wanting a paycheck.
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