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Friday, November 04, 2005


A Tony Tradition

Tony Womack that is. The New York Post reports that the Yankees are going to fill a shopping cart full of relievers, including one Julian Tavarez. (It is the New York Post though.) Will he be able to repeat the success Tony Womack had moving to the Bronx? More Giles Rumors circulating around the web indicate that the Cards aren't the only team interested in Brian Giles (surprise!). The Padres' offer of 3 years/$21 million was "not close." Other deep pocket teams interested include the Red Sox, Dodgers (Giles is from SoCal), I can't find an audio link to it, but you should be hearing the beginning of Pink Floyd's "Money" in your head...you know the part with the cash register noise and the dum-da-da-dum base line. [just turn on you local classic rock station, it'll probably play at least once in the next hour]. If you're a Padres fan, how pissed are you right now that you traded Jason Bay for Giles? It's got to be even more pissed than Cards fans who watched Haren, Barton and Calero get traded for Mulder. The MLB General Managers meetings are less than two weeks away (Nov. 16-17), and free agents start discussing prices with other clubs come Nov. 11. (The same date, by the way, that the Cards have to come to terms with Grud, since they agreed not to offer him arbitration as part of his one year, contract.)
I don't think Julian would be a good fit with the Yankees.. I mean, if Cardinal Nation is on the verge of rioting when he's not at his best, the Yankee fans will kill him with no remorse. He's a nice guy and I don't want to see him eaten alive, even if he doesn't stay with the Cards.
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