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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Now Who's Chanting M-V-P?

PUJOLS! The BBWA just confirmed what we all knew. Well done old chap! The voting was actually pretty close between Pujols and Andruw Jones, 27 total points. Derrek Lee was a distant third. I fail to understand why Jones garnered so many (13) first place votes. Did he really keep his team above water through his efforts alone? Or are writers merely awed by the first 50+ home run hitter of the "post-roids" era? Congrats again to Albert Pujols, by far the greatest player to don a Cardinal uniform (or any other for that matter) that I will ever see. It's nice to have a league MVP sans flax seed oil. Consolation to Lee and Jones fans who feel their guy was cheated: Come on, cheer up, at least you're not a Philadelphia Eagles fan (or a Phillies fan, or living in Philly).
It's been a long time coming for AP. Just the first of many, I wager...
it has been. you're right, first of many!
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