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Friday, November 25, 2005


My 15 Minutes & Fredbird Sells Out

The Diaspora's very own "Athlete Run-In" story was posted on Deadspin. It's not a run-in with anyone associated with the Cardinals, so don't think you'll find any dirt on Grud's LA barfighting. Anyway, go there, give it a read (you should be reading Deadspin everyday anyway). Well, now that you're back from reading that excellent story (it makes me nostalgic for my deadbeat years), let's talk Cardinals. Is anyone out there in reader land heading to Fredbird's Garage Sale this weekend? If so, bring some cash. In addition to buying all kinds of Busch Stadium crap, you can drop some of your hard earned dough on autographs from Stan Musial, Ozzie, Gibson, and other Cardinal greats. There's nothing quite like sharing the game with all by sticking them for $50, if you want a jersey signed you better bring even more cash. Signing over the deed to your house will get you all seven of the attending players' signatures. (You can price out the rest of them at this link.) There's nothing quite as classy as players thanking their fans by shaking them down for a little more cash. Fans, please remember this when writers and others start spewing all the nostalgic crap when Spring Training rolls around, and if anyone extols the innocence of the game, remind them that it starts at $79. Now, maybe I'm wrong, maybe the team's using this as fundraiser; although, that intent is not clearly stated on the official Fredbird's Garage Sale website. If you are aware of information to the contrary, please let me know so I can scale back the invective a bit. Or if you think players are perfectly justified in charging this much for their autographs, please try to justify that sentiment in the comments section, maybe you'll convince me. If you went to the garage sale, let us know how it was, include details of your fleecing if you like.
I don't know if the online auction proceeds are handled the same way as the "Fredbird's Garage Sale," but here is what SI.com has to say about the online auction:

The Cardinals have said proceeds will help fund the new stadium. Though some tax money is being used, the Cardinals are paying most of the tab on the new ballpark, which is expected to cost more than $400 million.

I would guess (hope) that the "Fredbird's Garage Sale" proceeds would go to Cardinals Care, since this is a sale of the smaller-ticket items.
Yeah, if it's for Cardinals Care then it's fine. If it's for the general pot (incl. stadium) it's...um...less than admirable.
btw, that elway story is great!
Apparently, the Fredbird's Garage Sale profits DO go to the new stadium financing. From the PD:

Profits from the sales will go toward the new ballpark. The garage sale resumes at 9 a.m. Sunday, but team officials cautioned that many of the most sought after items could already be gone - if there's anything left at all.
BTW, my twelve year-old went crazy when he read your blog. Baseball fans everywhere.
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Glad to here we have fans of all ages.
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