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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


My 1.5 Cents

Birdos has word that the Cards have "something big in the works," evidenced by an internal no-leaks memo. What could the no-leaks memo signify? I think it's one of two things. First, the team is close to making a free agent signing and the contract deal in the works is a good one, i.e. the price the goes up if word gets out. Second, it could be a major trade involving a big name player. From this, they don't want to jinx the trade by letting others make offers and/or want to get the spin machine out ahead of the negtive fan reaction to trading a Cardinal favorite. There is some speculation (and has been in the recent past) that this could be Edmonds to the Yanks for SP Wang (he he) and 2B Cano. If this is the case, I think it's a smart move by the organization, fills two holes in the line up and make us younger. Then, we can trade Supe and/or Marquis for Brad Wilkerson to replace Edmonds in CF and/or sign a FA outfielder (Giles?) with the cash freed up from Edmonds salary.
omg you think they really might get rid of edmonds? that's not funny. the tone of your post is much too flippant. i protest.
anything's possible
They better not trade Edmonds
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