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Monday, November 28, 2005


Just Say, "Non!"

Here's an interesting bit of news I learned today: Jacque Jones is not French, not even French-Canadian. (He's probably not a real sea captain either!) However, Jones really does play outfield, and when I heard that the Cardinals were interested in his services, I almost choked on pumpkin pie and gasped "Sacre Bleu!" Besides being more "Freedom Fries" than pomme frites, Jones' just isn't very good. For 2005, he had an OBP/SLG/OPS of .319/.438/.757. Against lefties, he may as well have not even bothered to get up out of the dugout, mustering .246/.370/.617. His line against righties is better, but why pay $5 million for a mediocre platoon player? The team could rely on Rodriguez, Gall, Taguchi, et al. to man the OF on either side of Edmonds and get the same results as putting Jones on the payroll. Hell, they might even do better, since Gall and Rodriguez have some upside due to their age (Jones will be 31 for the 2006 season).
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