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Monday, November 14, 2005


[Insert Gambling Joke Here]

Seedy gambling establishments across Manhattan rejoiced today as Alex Rodriguez wins the AL MVP. No surprise there, he stood out among potential rivals. Unlike the second place vote getter, one David Ortiz, Rodriguez regularly plays a position on the field, doing a rather modest job with the glove at that. Without the consistency of their third baseman, that team would have been in a much more difficult spot, even with that $100 million rotation. Through a 162 games, A-Rod definitely knew when to hold 'em. (Ouch! Was hardly trying on that one, deepest apologies.)

Does anyone know where this team might find an "ace that they could keep?"

Jeez, again with the Gambler jokes! The really sad thing here is that upon downloading this picture, I noticed that I already had a Kenny Rogers picture in my files...someone's got a bizzare pop-culture fixation. Or they just watched too much gawddamned Hee-Haw as a kid.

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