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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Hot Stove Haiku

Here's a haiku expressing what I think will happen based on the current rumors floating around the Card-nosphere. Why a haiku? Well, partially it's a nod to the fantasy baseball like creativity of some posters in forums and elsewhere, and the other reason...why the hell not! Angry Fish jumps in Sour singing Bird pushed from nest Brad to stand in grass Disagree? Submit your trade/acquisition ideas in the form of a haiku. I'll post the best ones on the Diaspora for all six to ten readers to see. (You can't afford not to have that kind of publicity!) Seriously, by now we've heard A LOT of trade and/or free agent ideas. Coming up with something dramatically new would be tough, so find a new way to express it through 5-7-5 syllables. I got a couple emails with Haiku as well, so feel free to post Haiku in the comments below or email them to me at rv_vanbib@yahoo (dot) com.
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King is dethroned
With the marquis to Schott's Place
Long live the Bobby
Nice one!
Konerko stays put
White Sox drop serious cash
Old sluggers new home
All the names, no space
Giles, Bob--at least they aren't
Kareem Abdul Jab
Abe. N. has his day
Our reliable backup
Who wilted too soon
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