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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


The Envelope Please

I intended to provide a rant (read DanUp's) here as to why Pujols should receive the NL MVP award, prompted mostly by reading today's story in the PD about Andruw Jones being a favorite. I think that dead horse has been sufficiently beaten, and I'll save my energies for an afternoon post to praise the BBWA or bitch and moan about their selection. Come on, people, Andruw Jones!?!? After the game received a nasty blackeye from the steroid scandal, we still melt in our shoes over the home run? Shouldn't we take this opportunity to celebrate the entire beauty of the sport, from pitching to stolen bases? Don't get me wrong, Jones is a great player who had a good season, and his winning the Hank Aaron Award and the players' version of the MVP represent fine recognition for his accomplishments. Don't get sucked in by the Golden Globes theory though. Just because a film wins a GG, doesn't predetermine an Oscar. (Forrest Gump did beat Pulp Fiction for Oscar gold though, so we can't rely on cosmic justice.) Looks like I ranted anyhow. Oh well, at least I'm...uh...passionate about something. One final thought, no award is still better than an ESPY.
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