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Thursday, November 17, 2005


The Doorman Always Coughs Twice

Remember on the Jeffersons when the doorman, Ralph, would stand by the door, hold out his hand, and clear his throat...after getting George's chintzy tip? Brian Giles and his agent Joe Bick don't even have to stand by the door OR clear a throat to indicate they would like a little more dough. As I speculated yesterday, Giles' price tag was going to get some serious holiday markup. Consider it confirmed. The Yanks have even upped the ante to 3 years, $33 million. The Yankees have a pretty keen interest in the soon to be 35 year old outfielder, as do the Dodgers, and you can bet the Red Sox will be curious as to how much money it will take to get Joe Bick to stop ahem-ing at the door.
$11 million a year??!! Is Giles really worth that much to the Cardinals? I think we can find better value elsewhere.
Psst...Brad Wilkerson...
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