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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Don't Get Your Hopes Up

When I read yesterday that the Red Sox were interested in Brian Giles, it became readily apparent that the market for this FA, so prized by Cards fans/blogdom, had changed dramatically. Then late yesterday, while we were all drunk (literally for some of us) with the news of Albert's big award, two things happened that impacted Jocketty's pursuit of the Padres' right fielder. First, the Yankees signed Matsui to a 4 year, $52 million dollar contract. This now frees up the Yanks to work on the rounding out their open spot in CF. Thought to be interested in the over-hyped Johnny Damon, Scott Boras made the second move that will certainly impact the Cards' pursuit of Giles by starting the bidding at 7 years, $84 million! (And you thought T.O.'s agent was shameless.) Now the Yankees, have reportedly offered, at least informally, Giles 3 years at $30 million, and that team is entertaining the thought of rotating Giles and Matsui in CF. The Red Sox will now most certainly consider signing Giles, as a cheaper option in the OF that won't hogtie the club to the center fielder who will certainly look more like father time at the end of a seven year deal. One wild card is that Giles, supposedly, does not want to play anywhere East of St. Louis. [read sarcastically] Ha ha! The opening bid is now 3 years, $30 million, and will most certainly go north of that. If the Cards stay in the hunt for Giles, which I imagine they will and should for now, there will be a few million less to spend on the team's other needs. Jocketty's seems to be pretty adept at negotiating, and the hopefully the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce has a real slick DVD to help sell Giles on the city more than on the moola. I'm far too cynical to believe that the dollar value (and length of the deal) won't win out in the end though. Temper your expectations if you adamantly have your heart set on Giles.
Frankly, I've never thought they had a legitimate shot at Giles. If, by some miracle, he does end up there, WJ should get Exec of the Year just on that signing alone.
yeah, unless they have to drop $12 mil a season.
Wow, the Yanks are entertaining a $23M/yr platoon of Matsui/Giles? That can't happen, not even they would throw away that much money.
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