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Saturday, November 12, 2005


Does He Have a Brother?

I doubt there's much to the rumors, but I read a couple blips on the web today about Brian Giles wanting to play on a team with his brother, Marcus. Marcus, 27, plays second base, and he is arbitration eligible. He made $2.35 million last year, and the Braves are rather concerned about money. [I fail to understand why the Braves cannot muster a payroll above $80 million, not that that's chump change, but they have a national TV network broadcasting their games and Atlanta is a fairly prosperous city. Why they have such poor attendance is particularly odd.] But I digress. Trading Giles will come down to what happens in the Furcal sweepstakes. Even if (a big IF considering the Cubs' interest) the Braves get Furcal to come back to the team, the price tag will be no less than $9 million. Furcal's return could well dictate the team moving Giles. It might be a far fetched scenario for the Cards to bag him, and I have not heard any rumors about them pursuing him, yet. What the Card's would trade for Giles or what the Braves would want from us (would have to be a three way deal), I don't know. Nevertheless, it makes for another signal to listen to track if you've got your ear on the rail.
I've heard rumors that Grudz is close to a deal with the Cardinals, which would sort of nix a deal for M Giles, right?
yeah, and that's fine. that would be a big ass family subsidy
No I wouldn't think it would have any effect on the Giles deal - wouldn't they be getting him for the outfield (from what I have gathered) - replacement for Walker? Maybe I am thinking of someone else.


Julie C.
I looked up some information on Giles and hope I am looking up the correct stuff - Marcus Giles isn't a free agent according to the Braves website but Brian Giles of San Diego is - and if I am correct on that - he would be replacing Walker in the RF - not 2nd base so it would not be effect at all if we kept Grudz.

I dont think you are thinking of the correct Giles. Correct me if I am wrong!
right. why would we get m. giles (2b) to get b. giles (rf) if we already signed grudz (2b)?
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