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Thursday, November 03, 2005


Diverging Career Paths

The Cards picked up the $4 million option on Suppan's contract for 2006. Smart move. For a back of the rotation starter, Suppan is remarkably consistent. Lots of teams, including those with various takes on a "Big Three," the four and five starters give meaning to the term "replacement player." More often than not, they send one of those guys to the mound and hope for the best, not knowing which pitcher will show up. The key to the strength of our starting rotation lies in our ability to send a guy like Suppan to the mound; he's no Cy Young candidate, but he gives his team the chance to win almost every time.

Signing Suppan also indicates the Cards have reconciled themselves to a 2006 season without Matt Morris. Supposedly, the Rockies are interested. The way he started to give up home runs after the All-Star break last year, that doesn't seem like the best fit for Matty. Of course, if he's a big jam band fan, you can't do much better than Colorado, until Vermont gets a team I guess. With some sentimentality for the long-time Redbird, I hope, for his sake, he doesn't go to Denver. If he does, he'll pitch there for a couple years, suffer the effects of being an established starter who starts half his games at Coors. From there, he'll wind up as a "project" for some team looking to save money, until he finally disappears out of the league.

MLB's Baseball Academy in "inner-city" (a most unfortunate, loaded term) Los Angeles opens early next year. Hopefully, it has a long term, positive impact on building the sport's popularity in the African-American community.

I can't believe that Morris would go to a place where his mentor had so many struggles. If DK couldn't make it there, why would Matt think he would?
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