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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Breaking News Is Breaking

Just picked this up over in the Card Clubhouse forum, (here's the link). Cards and Burnett have an agreement in place. The tentative status of the agreement hinges on the offers Burnett gets from the O's and Jays, could be a key reason Jock demands silence. They will look to finalize it at the Winter Meetings next week, per the PR wishes of MLB. Here's the rest: [Diaspora commentary follows each point] Jason Marquis - They are working to ship him in a trade for an impact corner outfielder (Abreu?) or second baseman (Soriano? Castillo?). Clearly Marquis is a key part of any trade strategy. Is there a trade rumor not involving the angry one? Bobby Abreu - In talks with them but Baltimore may have a better offer. I just don't see this happening. Not that I wouldn't want Abreu on the team, but it defies logic. Luis Castillo/Mark Grudzielanek - Continue talks with Grudz. He should be cheaper than acquiring Luis. Yay! the 2B question may be solved. Grud's not a long-term solution, but he's a steady option for the 2006 team. Brad Wilkerson - Straight up trade for Marquis is possible. I like this deal, and whole heartedly endorse it. Wilke's a solid, young player, the perfect #2 hitter for the lineup, excellent OBP and a little power potential. He played injured this year and wasn't effectively used on the Nats, thus his 2005 slump. Should rebound to a good player, especially in the STL atmosphere. Brian Giles - Just give it up.. We are workin on other things. *apathy* Giles would have been nice, but this could work out much better. Don't forget to send us your Hot Stove Haiku (see below).
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