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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Bernie Thinks Soriano

Bernie drops a few more bread crumbs over in his STLToday forum. He leaves the reader with Soriano as a final thought. Anything's possible, but remember, there's another motivation at work there and that's to bring readers into the site (an end which I'm helping to serve with the link above)...what better way to do that than with a few reasonable rumors. Is this for real? It does make more sense than Abreu. Who knows, anything's possible, but surely they'd at least stick him left field. I've finally started to get a little more dubious of the rumors. Haiku to follow soon.
Also, the front office is very possibly using Bernie as a smokescreen. He's happy to get readers and the organization gets him off the real trail.
yeah, so much crap gets bandied about through that forum. i've completely given up buying into the hype
Also, bellyscratcher...surely you have a haiku for all of this?
Actually, I am terrible at haikus. But I'll work on it.
And now no Giles
Burnett's under .500
Abreu? Yeah, right.
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