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Friday, November 18, 2005


A.J. Burnett a Cardinal?

I had intended to make a "B.J. and the Bear" Reference here, but quite frankly, I just don't remember enough about the show except that they relied heavily on CBs and that it was, duh, something of a Smokey and the Bandit knock-off. Anyway...imagine my surprise seeing that the Cards are "heavy into" A.J. (A.J. and the Bear) Burnett, possibly having gone so far as to make him an offer, according to The Hot Stove Report via Ken Rosenthal. Securing another good starting pitcher at A.J.'s price would take us out of the Giles race, and free up Marquis and/or Suppan to trade. In addition to trading for an player to round out the OF, it is reasonable to speculate there is some interest in keeping Reggie Sanders as well. Another scenario that could play out if the Cards land Burnett is trading for an outfielder, Wilkerson for example, then letting Rodriguez, Taguchi and Gall contest for the LF spot in spring training. Personally, this one make some sense by the fact that it frees up some cash for the pen, a priority as well, especially since the Cubs have improved their's to some degree by signing Scott Eyre. Still no word on Grud either. Grud update: Other teams pursuing Grud and Nunez. Grud wants to remain a Cardinal. Stay tuned.
I don't know about Eyre. By all accounts this year was far and away his best ever (Think of the jump Derrek Lee made this year). So I'm thinking he may drop right back to his norms next year (1.52 WHIP).

As for A.J., not really interested in him. Injury concerns, attitude concerns. Say what you will about Marquis' attitude, at least he stays healthy.

And I am totally opposed to trading Soup, unless we could get someone we have no business getting for Suppan (Ichiro, for example).
No thank you on Burnett. He may have a million dollar arm, but he definitely has a ten cent head. Don't the Cards already have one of those in Marquis? Besides, he's asking too much coin, for someone who hasn't done a lot other than bitch about his manager.
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